Migraine and Glasses that can Helps!

Living with migraines can be debilitating, leaving you drained and disconnected. If you’re seeking answers to escape the pain and isolation, there might be a solution.

Migraine attacks are often triggered by light, worsening the experience. In a 2016 study by Dr. Mohab Ibrahim at the University of Arizona, green light emerged as a potential aid for migraines. The research showed a connection between the brain’s pain centers and the visual system. Rats exposed to green light, whether through lenses or external sources, exhibited decreased discomfort responses. This led to the theory that green light therapy could alleviate migraine discomfort.

A Harvard Medical School study in July 2016 supported this, revealing that green light is least likely to exacerbate migraine symptoms. It works by modulating thalamus neuron activity, distinct from other colors.

Despite promising findings, not everyone agrees on green light’s effectiveness. Mary Heinricher at Oregon Health Sciences University remains skeptically optimistic, emphasizing the need for more human testing. However, researchers generally agree that manipulating light to manage migraines is a plausible approach due to migraineurs’ sensitivity to environmental stimuli like light.

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